Love this place. The staff is very friendly and professional. I have seen several therapists and they are all good.

Steve Russell

I highly recommend Northern Lights Massage for relief from chronic pain. I go regularly to receive a massage that is tailored to my personal needs for pain relief from Fibromyalgia. I now take less medicine, have less pain, have a greater range of motion of my muscles and have more flexibility. There is no better place to go for relief from muscle pain, muscle injury, muscle strain and skeletal problems. Massage professionals are eager to help you with your individual needs and will give you a plan for healthier living to enable you to live a full life. I give this massage clinic a FIVE STAR rating.

Kathi Gilland

They work wonders!!! After having severe pain in my foot, they were able to massage it and relax my muscle. I go weekly. When I leave I am beyond relaxed. The staff is amazing, as well as their service. If you have planter fasciitis, they really are the people to go to. If it becomes painful they will stop, they are there to make you relax not hurt you. Tuesday are my favorite due to message day!!

Brittany H.

My experience with Northern Lights Massage exceeded my expectations. I scheduled a reflexology appointment and ended up returning a few days later for a full-body massage. I would not go anywhere else in Muncie. I feel magical when I walk out, and that’s exactly what a treatment SHOULD feel like.

Cheri Ellefson

Very professional staff who have a great understanding of the human body and how to ease the pain.

Jason Tinsman

Best massage I’ve ever had. Left that place feeling amazing.

Shelly Evelyn

Best massage ever! Been dealing with chronic pain most of my life, been many places, but this is the best by far. Instant relief, highly recommended.

Caren Vanmatre

Learned from a great friend that Northern Lights in Muncie had an incredible massage therapist and she spot on! Macy Arthur is amazing! Kind, personable with a gentle soothing voice you will walk out feeling better than you have ever felt before! I can’t imagine a better massage therapist in America than Macy! When arriving at Northern Lights, Vicky will greet you at the door with a smile and greet you after the same! You’re in good hands with Northern Lights!

Steve Shondell

They got me in super fast and took the extra time to make sure she addressed all my issues/pains. I will definitely return.

Blake S.

I can’t believe what a difference it’s made. I have been in twice and Macy has done a wonderful job! I would give a few more stars if I could! By far the best massage I have EVER had. Thank you!

Rod Cross

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional! Sometimes I worry when I go to a massage place, but not here!

David Rookie

I was interested in the massage school a few years ago Aurora showed me around and was incredibly kind and knowledgeable! The atmosphere is wonderful and Aurora gave ME a massage that I have never forgotten! I felt like I had a new body! I’m hoping to book an apt soon – this is a great place! Highly recommend! Worth the drive all the way from Indy!

Kai S.

Nice facility, home town and not a chain. Massage therapist Desiree is amazing. She finds just that spot that needs worked on and her pressure is perfect, not feather light and not painful, but just right. She listens to your needs and honestly, is the best massage therapist I’ve ever gone to.

Beckie Edmands

Northern Lights is a hidden gem of Muncie! All of their staff members are kind, friendly, and professional. The prices are affordable for the quality service you receive. I have been seeing Macey for several months and cannot recommend their services enough! Macey is a gifted massage therapist and goes above and beyond to ensure clients have the best experience possible. 10/10 would recommend Northern Lights!

M. M.

I was in town for Ironman Indiana and got massages at Northern Lights before and after the race. Fabulous staff who were all extremely friendly and accommodating. Jackie specifically gave a 10/10 sports specific massage. Highly recommend.

Ryan Dreyer

Amazing! Best massage I’ve ever had! We went today for a couples massage. They were able to get us in via an online request only two days in advance! We had Macy and Jackie. They both were great. Would highly recommend!

Stephanie Burrough

Best massage I have ever. Aurora is amazing, she took time to address my concerns and she worked on all my problem areas. I felt so good. I will definitely be back.

Dawn Percudani

Desiree is the most amazing therapist I have ever seen. She makes sure to address all my concerns every visit and when I leave it is always with a smile.


Absolutely amazing! Extremely satisfied with my experience with Jackie. Thank you!!!

Hanna Barton

Impeccable service and friendly staff! Highly recommended! Best massage I’ve ever had, thanks Miranda!

Drixson “Boast to Boast”

I have been seeing Jackie for massage therapy and wow she has helped me so much! Jackie is very therapeutic and seems to know what’s hurting the worst and how to soothe the pain.

Kimberly Ford

We recently booked a couples massage for the first time and it was fantastic! The staff is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make your experience positive! The atmosphere is calm and relaxing! They did a wonderful job, so we will both be back no doubt!!


When I tell you everyone here is great… I mean it. I have had a hand full of massages, different types, and each massage and person leaves me feeling so much better. I love this place.


My therapist professional education, experience and continued practice in this area led her to advise me of a more critical issue. She knew there was something else going on and had me go to urgent care. This led to test that showed problems my medical team may not have found. I am so very grateful.

Vicky Myers

I requested Jackie McCoy based on a couple of reviews here. The absolute best massage I’ve ever had! I have layers of medical issues from neuropathy to arthritis. She was able to educate me on what is contributing to these things and how she was opening up areas of my body for better blood flow which led to much reduced pain and stiffness. This is the first massage I’ve had where I walked away feeling like my whole body was in much better health. Life changing. She has dedicated herself to learning all about her craft to care for her clients with the utmost professionalism and sincere desire for their well being to flourish.


This place is always fantastic! Just had an amazing massage with Michael and he was so knowledgeable and catered to my specific needs. I’ve been going here for years and have had many different massage therapists and they have all been absolute experts.

Amelia H.

I have been going to see Desiree Murray for about a year and a half now and she’s one of the best, if not the best, massage therapist I’ve ever been to! She’s been doing massage so long that she can feel exactly where knots are located on my body and then works them out. I honestly leave there feeling like a wet noodle! If you’re looking for an experienced massage therapist with just the “right” touch, I highly recommend her!

Janet Gernand

I’ve been coming here for about 7 years or so. Macey is great but I don’t recommend her because it will make it harder to get an appointment with her lol Seriously she is great!

Tim Padgett

Desperately needed relief in the midst of a migraine and really glad I called here! Didn’t have much hope booking last minute but I was able to get in with an amazing massage with Davida. I felt very comfortable, she took time to talk to me and understand what I needed. Clean and professional, great massage. Will be back, thank you!

Michelle Moore

Jackie McCoy has been giving me massages for almost a year. She is very good at addressing problems that you have and is good at knowing what to do to alleviate pain. I am impressed with her knowledge and compassion. I look forward to each massage. She takes lots of time and I never feel rushed. Thanks Jackie.

Carol Dobbs

I’ve been seeing Macy biweekly for a couple months and she’s done an amazing job of working the knots and kinks out of my shoulders and back. I would highly recommend her and Northern Lights.

Dee Orick

I cannot express enough gratitude to Macey and Jane. I came in in extreme pain, not expecting instant relief because that’s just not how massage therapy works. However, my entire experience beginning to end was nothing short of incredible, and I cannot recommend them enough. My body is already moving to the rest and digest side of my nervous system vs fight/flight, and I don’t feel like I’m walking on glass at the moment. I can already feel my movement improving and I expect tonight to be extremely good sleep. They were trauma informed, and I cannot express my thanks enough for how helpful and welcoming the environment was. I’d give 50 stars if I could. Definitely will be back. And will be recommending them to everyone I know.

Christina Brady

I have seen Des Murray for quite a while now. She is just the best. It’s made a genuine difference for me in terms of pain management.